What is the Best Shampoo and Conditioner for Hair Extensions?

We get emails everyday from frustrated hair extensions wearers that have bought hair from other companies and are disappointed that the hair is dry and tangling after only a short time! They always ask us what we think are the best shampoo and conditioners to keep hair extensions smooth and hydrated. We can honestly answer that Virgin Hair Botanice 3-Step System is the BEST HAIR CARE that we have ever used!

Virgin Hair Botanics™ is a 3-Step System for optimal maintenance and longevity for all hair extensions!

And will keep your extensions smooth and silky! As all of our regular customers that have been with us for many years know, we have always searched for the best raw hair sourcing for our extensions for way over 10 years now (actually almost 20!), and, we have searched high and low for the correct products that keep hair extensions healthy and looking their best for as long as possible. After a lot of testing and trying of different products over the years, none of which really impressed us, we have finally found the right combination of ingredients!

Virgin Hair Botanics Hair Care Set

Purity & Balance

The 3 products work in concert together to deep clean, replenish, hydrate, and properly balance the pH of your extensions, ensuring naturally smooth, soft, hydrated and tangle-free hair. All without drying silicones that are in almost ALL hair care products. Read below why silicones are so terrible for your extensions! No other products are needed to keep your extensions healthy or to rejuvenate old extensions!
  • VHB Shampoo – Cleans gently, yet removes and clarifies residual silicone build-up from other products and excess mineral build-up from tap water that can clog cuticles. Purifies the hair back to it’s original state without weighing it down. Not overly foamy with too many sulfates that can dry hair out. This shampoo will not give hair a ‘slick-slippery” feel after shampooing… Instead, it makes the hair shaft receptive for step 2 by opening the cuticles, not coating them again with slicking agents. The hair is now ready to soak in the VHB Conditioner!
  • VHB Conditioner – Proper pH to align and tighten hair cuticles, reduce frizz and eliminates tangles. Infuses organic proteins to increase hydration, creating softness, shine , an incredible smooth texture and to enhance the tensile strength of each hair. Will not make tape hair slip.
  • VHB Leave-In Conditioner – Locks in moisture all day and prevents tangling. Aids in styling and protects from harmful UV rays. Provides thermal protection when using styling tools. Non oily. Can be used on damp or dry hair. A MUST HAVE for all hair extensions!
  • NO DRYING SILICONES NO Parabens Optimal pH for Hair and Extensions  Can rejuvenate older extensions Perfect for over-processed and damaged hair of all types 100% Vegan Always Cruelty Free!
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Still want more details? For the juicy low-down…Read on…

We love the VHB 3-Step product line because it is made with plant-based herbal ingredients that keep you hair and all extensions soft and hydrated. There are NO SILICONES in any of these products! Silicones are in almost every hair care product on the market. Any ingredient ending in a “cone” is a silicone, like dimethicone and many more. Silicones are very prominent in many shampoos, almost every conditioner and almost all Leave-In products – including products that we think are all natural, like many Argan Oils, can be full of silicones. Silicones do make your hair soft and manageable, which is why they are used so often in hair care products. But watch out…silicones also have a dark side! The silicones create an invisible waterproof coating/barrier that keeps any moisturizing conditioners from the actual hair shaft. Over time, this lack of conditioning (even though you ARE using a conditioner) will lead to overly dry and tangling hair extensions! The silicone problem is often compounded when combined with use of no-sulfate shampoo, which will NOT remove the invisible layer of silicone, leading to hopelessly dry-tangled hair in a short time. And, as if this isn’t bad enough, it is triple compounded when the pH of the hair care products are not correct! It is a mystery to us why most all shampoos and conditioners have an absolute incorrect pH level for hair. Incorrect pH will leave the cuticle opened, creating rough and tangly hair that also dries out quicker. We all know that hair extensions will eventually need to be replaced with new ones, alas. they can’t live forever…. but protect your investment for as long as you can by using the best products available for hair extensions! Each VHB Kit includes all the products you need to keep your hair extensions, and your natural hair, looking their best. Your hair and extensions will love the scientifically formulated, botanically-based ingredients. The optimized pH levels will help realign cuticles, reducing frizz and tangles. The botanicals in the ingredients will keep your hair looking and feeling natural! Purity & Balance With Natural Botanical Ingredients: Ginkgo Biloba Leaf – from one of the oldest living tree species. Ginkgo is used for increased hydration, increases and locks in moisture, Anti-Aging, Antioxidant, Moisturizing and Soothing benefits. Highly concentrated in flavonoids and terpenoids, and reduces roughness in hair strand. Chamomilla Flower –  Known for the soothing and conditioning effect on the scalp and nourishes hair follicles, strengthen hair for a fuller, thicker and healthier look.  Brightens hair color without changing it. Orange Peel Extract – a natural strong antioxidant which smooths hair and gives a soft but fresh citrus fragrance. Marsh Mallow Root  – Marshmallow is a centuries old medicinal plant that has always been used, among many other things, for beautiful hair. Locks moisture into hair and offers anti-breakage properties and reduces frizz. Provides “slip” to help detangle hair naturally without silicones. High in in protein to nourish and add luster to hair. Destroys bacteria and helps soothe itchy scalps. Yarrow (Achillea millefolium) – soothes hair and scalp. May counteract hair loss. Used to brighten hair sheen. is effective for treating dandruff, itchiness, scalp irritation and oily scalp. Fennel (Foeniculim Vulgare) – contains flavinoid and possesses high levels of antioxidants. Soothes and calms. Fresh herbal aroma. Licorice – a traditional herb used for centuries. The root is thought to improve hair growth. It helps keep the scalp and hair hydrated and strengthens the hair shaft. Spicy herbal aroma.

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