We Will Be Changing Our Tape Extensions Bond Size!

As they say…the only constant in life is change!

We know that many of our regular users will be sad to say goodbye to our convertible 2“ Tape Extension bonds that we have been producing for about 8 years. 😭

But we have made the hard and complicated decision to change all of our tape extensions moving forward to 1.5“ bonds size in order to fit to our new Invisible Injected Tape Hair bonds, which can only be made in 1.5“ size!

This way, one can use both the regular flat tape extensions together with the Invisible Tape extensions as the top part of the sandwich so that the top of the sandwich will be invisible.

The Invisible Injected Tape Extensions has the hair come right out of the polyurethane bond…just like a real hair follicle. The regular tape extensions will continue to have the same flat and matt (no shine) polyurethane bond as our old one. We are also using the same double-sided tape, the best tape available worldwide!

The new 1.5“ size tape extensions will come in your choice of a Half Pack or a Full Pack.

A Half Pack is 10 x 1.5“ strips or 5 sandwiches.

A Full Pack twice as much with 20 x 1.5“ strips or 10 sandwiches. As always, our tape extensions will still have more hair than most other brands per strip at around 3 grams (compared to 2.5 grams that other companies often have).

With this Half Pack/Full Pack system, you can mix and match 2 colors effortlessly without having lots of extra hair in one color!

A Full Pack will have MORE HAIR than our old packs used to have, but the price will not be much different per gram.

It will take us a bit of time to get all tape extensions to the 1.5“ bond size and we will still have some 2“ tape bonds in some colors.

Remember: If you need double-sided or single sided Ultra Bond tape tabs for the new 1.5“ size, be sure to get the correct size here!

Get the regular Tape Extensions in 1.5” bonds and the 2” bonds here

And, as always, if you have any questions, mail us at info@locksandbonds.com anytime!