Want to wear your L&B Clip-In Extensions as permanent extensions? Yes, you can! With Micro Ring / Beads!

Do you have Locks & Bonds  Clip-Ins and were wondering if you could wear them all the time as permanent extensions?

The answer is… OF COURSE!  You can do this with Locks & Bonds Clip-In Extensions, because L&B has the same Remy quality for Clip-in hair that we use for L&B Professional Salon Extensions…and…you can wear them day and night for weeks! Most clip-in extensions do not have the quality to be worn day and night.

To do this, you will need 3 items:

  • A jar of L&B Micro Ring / Beads the same color as your hair or darker (get here)
  • An L&B Loop Tool (get here)
  • L&B Open/Close Pliers (get here), or Deluxe Pliers (get here)
  • A L&B Clip-in Extension Set (get here).
Simply cut off snap clips from the weft, and use micro ring /beads to attach to clients hair.
This is a great technique if you are tired of clipping your extensions on everyday, or, if you want to”graduate” to semi-permanent extensions without buying new ones!
Also, add highlights or low lights without changing your own hair color!
But caution…don’t try this with just any clip-ins that are not quality extensions because they will not last long and may be hard to remove again.
This is also a great technique for Salons and Stylist using Locks & Bonds Professional Hair Extensions! It is fast and easy. Your clients will love getting in and out of your salon within an hour! This technique will hold until you need to move the rings / beads up again due to clients hair growth. Easy in – easy out!
Locks & Bonds supplies many salons and stylists worldwide…so, apply for your stylist discount now! See more information here.
You just gotta love it!


Use Locks & Bonds Clip-In Remy Hair Extensions as Semi-Permanent Extensions with Micro Rings / Beads! Simply cut off the snap clips and attach with micro rings/beads! Wear for 4-6 weeks!