Two-Tone Hair Color Easy To Do With Extensions

Most of us naturally have two or more colors in our hair.

The sun will make the top layers lighter, while the bottom layers will be darker.

This is very natural and is a great 3-D look that gives the optical illusion of more volume.

 How to get this look

  1. Choose 2 or 3 hair colors. One light and one dark contrast (if you want 3 colors, add a medium color). For a full head you usually need about 200 extensions. Some like more…some less. It is very individual.
  2. For example:  color #10 for underneath-1 pack (50 extensions), #8 for the mid sections-1 pack… and #16 for the top layers -2 packs. For a total of 200 extensions.
  3. Start attaching the darkest extensions (#10) at the bottom of the back of the head…. the nape area. Make sure to leave 1 1/2″ from hair line before you start your row to hide the bonds.
  4. Do 1 or 2 complete rows with darkest color. Pack the extensions close together in the bottom rows for fullness.
  5. The next row, you should start integrating the next lightest color (#8) in every second or third extension in that row.
  6. The row after that, only install the #8 color.
  7. After you are satisfied with the number of rows with #8, start integrating the lightest color (#16)
  8. Finish your install with the last few rows only with the lightest color.
  9. You will always have fewer rows of extensions on the sides of your head, so adjust your colors accordingly.

There you are!!! Beautiful custom-colored hair!

L&B TIP:  For more POW! effect… Color ONLY the top roots of your own hair (where you part your hair, about 1″ or 2 cm) similar to the darkest, or medium dark contrast color! This looks totally natural and integrates the top with the bottom again. Not to mention it looks super sexy and makes the whole thing POP!