The Scoop on Locks & Bonds Virgin Remy Hair Extensions

Full range of colors and lengths available now in Deluxe
Virgin Remy I-Tips and Tape Extensions!

Locks & Bonds now offers a full range of seamless tape hair and I-Tip extensions made from the highest quality virgin remy human hair.

Available in 22″, 18″ and 14″ lengths. With 23 different colors, duo-blends, tri-blends and ombre tones.

We have been looking for a way to produce hair extensions that will not dry-out over time, which is the biggest problem with all Remy extensions. Remy extensions, from any company, usually last about 2-6 months depending on care given and the home’s water ph level. But we wanted to find a way to make longer lasting extensions… that do not feel dry after a few months. After a lot of searching and trials, we have now found a production technique that does just that, produces long lasting hair. Truly the best hair available that money can buy. The Locks & Bonds Virgin Remy European Line!

Over the last several months we’ve been building up our extensive offering of colors and lengths in our Virgin line.

The result? The L&B Virgin Extensions have blown away our expectations, they are truly the longest lasting and “forever soft” hair extensions in today’s hair market! Especially our unique color-blends and Ombre-colors in L&B Tape Extension are just literally flying out of our distribution center. Customer feedback has been phenomenal. Word of mouth is spreading fast and a lot of salons and extensionists are converting their clients to L&B.

What makes the L&B Virgin line so great? It all begins with the raw hair selection. Only the highest grade raw-hair is chosen for the Locks & Bonds Virgin Brand. Only about 5-10% of all hair is virgin hair. The criteria are: Only best quality raw hair is selected, no pre-colored hair, no chemical treatments and cut from one donor as a ponytail, with 100% aligned and intact cuticles. L&B virgin remy hair undergoes a proprietary “slow & cold” coloring process, to match L&B’s color ring, that is very gentle and keeps 100% of the hair cuticle intact. Because no harsh bleach is used, the cuticles stay healthy and tight. This makes for silky smooth, tangle-free hair that lasts an incredibly long time, does not dry out and remains silky smooth.

L&B Virgin Seamless Tape Extensions come in 23 different colors, including dual-tones, tri-tones and Ombre combinations. The I-Tips extensions are installed with micro links/rings/cyliders are available in all solid colors. All colors are available in 14, 18 and 22 inches (36, 46, and 56 cm).

As an introductory offer, L&B is offering a 60% discount! (Sale subject to end without notice.) We want everyone to get a shot at these great extensions at an unbelievable price. Enjoy!

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