Ombre Anyone? 13 Reasons To Go Ombre Now!

Ombre hair has been so very popular for a few years now. Many thought it would be a fading fad (excuse the pun!), but it has proven it is here to stay in one form or another. Great for any season, summer or winter, where texture and deep colors come to the forefront!

Why? The top 10 reasons:

  1. It looks fantastic
  2. It looks natural
  3. You can do it in any color combo
  4. Makes most mono hair-colors look boring
  5. It is flattering to any skin tone if the right colors are used
  6. Gives everyone more choices in hair color
  7. Gives an instant sporty sun-bleached beach/surfer look
  8. Adds depth and multiple dimensions to hair
  9. Adds face-framing highlights which flatter most any face shape
  10. Best of all… you do not have to color your roots every 6 weeks

Actually, we just thought of 3 more reasons:

11. Darker roots make any eye color pop more and shows off groomed brows to advantage

12. Looks great with long hair AND short hair

13. Most importantly…You do not look like you obsess with your hair everyday, but are cool and confident enough to let your roots go natural…a sexy  “who cares about unimportant small details”…attitude!


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  1. jessi says:

    i have been using locks and bonds for 2 years and absolutely love the quality for the price!

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