Different Types of Micro Rings
Everone has their own favorite…

micro_ring_bead_locks_bonds_extensions-500L&B Rings are of finest professional quality. They have smooth rounded edges and are a delight to use. Our most popular seller, L&B Silicone Copper Rings are specially produced to our specifications. They are coveted world-wide by salons that will only use L&B Silicone Copper Rings because of their high comfort factor.

Micro Rings are also called “Micro Beads”, “Euro Locs”, “Micro Links”, “Linkies”, “Micro Cylinders”, “Dream Catchers” “Micro Cylinders” These are only different names for the same thing

What is the difference between Screw Micro Beads, Silicone Micro Beads and Micro Tubes?

Screw Micro Beads:

  • Screw threading in inside to keep them from slipping
  • Smallest ring. Smaller than silicone rings and tubes
  • Holds very well without slipping
  • Good hold for hair that tends to be fine, slippery, or, tends to become oily fast
  • Does not damage hair

Silicone Micro Beads (Aluminum or Copper):

  • Silicone is very gentle on your own hair as it acts like a cushion between your own hair and ring
  • Good for hair prone to breakage.
  • Aluminum rings are a tiny bit thicker, but may hold tighter, with some types of hair, than copper rings
  • Copper is thinner and softer, more comfortable against the scalp for some
  • Good for hair that is very fragil, prone to breakage or overprocessed

Copper Micro Tubes:

  •  Copper is softer, easier to clamp shut
  •  Clamps flatter than all other rings
  •  Softer metal is more comfortable if you have a sensitive scalp
  •  Longer length keeps them from slipping