Looking for the Best Hair Extension Tape? All about UltraBond!

Ultrabond Tape Roll - 3yd

A lot of focus is only on the type of hair used for tape-in extensions, but the double-sided hair extension tape used to keep them attached plays an absolutely critical roll in your install!

All tape extensions use double-sided tape to attach the extensions to your own hair. Some tape brands are better than others, and some tapes are down-right terrible and your extensions will not hold!

In the photo below, you can see the white backing-paper covering the double-sided tape on the bond of L&B Tape-In Hair Extensions.

L&B has been producing tape-in hair extensions for many years…and we know all available tape brands out there. We know them all and we have tried them all. We know their strengths and weaknesses, from inexpensive no-name tapes, to Sally’s tapes, to very expensive name-brand tapes.
We have even sold the best of them in our shop, like all Walker Tapes, DuoPro Tape,  Blue Lace Front Tape,  German Blue Tape,  and our favorite of them all…SuperTape.

All of the above are good tapes and will do the job, especially SuperTape which is fantastic.

But, we always wanted to produce a new generation of tape, made especially for tape-in hair extensions, that had ALL the attributes in one AWESOME double-sided tape… and after many years of searching and many trials, we have finally succeeded in making the best tape available…drum roll please: UltraBond!

We produced UltraBond  to have ALL the attributes that we like in ONE tape. UltraBond is:

  • The longest lasting tape…will stay on until you remove it!
  • Medical-grade adhesive
  • NO toxic Parabens or Phthalates (yes, spelled correctly!)
  • NO Latex (potential allergen for many people)
  • Waterproof
  • Odorless
  • Transparent, totally see-though
  • No gooey, sticky, gummy bits
  • Easy removal
  • NO hair damage
  • UltraBond 2″ tape tabs have pre-scored backing paper for easy removal
  • Is non-stretch, which means the tape can be removed “in one piece” without breaking apart! Great for salons that need a fast removal.
  • Made in the USA, home of the best tapes worldwide
  • Easy and fast to re-tape extensions either with pre-cut tabs or tape rolls
  • Tape rolls will not tangle during application, like stretchy tape can.
  • Tape rolls are also about 1mm wider for better hold on narrower generic bonds. The tape should cover about 1mm of hair when used on extra narrow tape bonds that are only 8mm high or less.
  • Awesome price point for salon use, especially with the salon discount, when you need a lot of replacement tape for ANY brand of hair extensions no matter the size of the bond!
    Tape Tabs for Hair Extensions
    Pre-scored Tape Tabs for L&B 2″ Tape Extensions

    UltraBond Hair Extension Tape is available in 4 different variations:

  1. UltraBond Pre-Cut Tape Tabs for L&B 2″ Tape-In Hair Extensions

  2. UltraBond Pre-Cut Tape Tabs for Generic 1.5″ Tape-in Hair Extensions that will fit any other hair extension brand.

  3. UltraBond Hair Extension Tape Roll 3/8″ x 3 yds
    Ultrabond Tape Roll - 3yd
    4. UltraBond Hair Extension Tape Roll 3/8″ x 6 yds

Ultrabond Tape Roll - 6yd

Let us know what you think! Or if you have any questions, send to locksandbonds@gmail.com

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All tape extensions must be installed correctly for a perfect hold. Any installs not done by a professional may not be done optimally and tape extensions may fall out. It does take practice and experience to install perfect tape hair. We strongly recommend only going to a professional to have hair extensions installed. Use of this product is intended for professionals and L&B is not liable for incorrect usage. A info-sheet will be sent with each order and needs to be read in detail before install.