Brides, Bridesmaids, Proms and…Clip-In Hair Extensions by Locks & Bonds!

Spring is the season for fairytale brides!
And Bridesmaids!
And Proms!
Who has been busy looking for the perfect dress?
The most romantic location?
The perfect flower arrangements?
The most delicious wedding cake on the planet?
And, of course looking for the best way to wear you hair with that fantastic dress?

The hair part is the easiest…L&B Extensions! From Brides to Bridesmaids to prom girls!
Thank you Brogan for this gorgeous picture of your very special day.

wedding locks bonds hair extensions clip light brown lo smBrogan is wearing #10 Light Brown 9-Piece + Quad Clip-In Set for a total of 180 grams of 22 inch long hair.locks bonds hair extensions clip light brown brogan smL&B Tip:

Before purchasing your extensions, make sure you know just how much hair you are getting! Many online stores do not even mention how much hair is included in the price, which may on first sight, make the extensions seem like a good value. Until you take them out of the package and notice they are kind of thin and do not have enough hair!

We offer a 9-Piece Set with 125 grams if you do not need so much hair. Or, for the full head a 9-Piece Set and the Quad Clip for a total of 180 grams. Also, the Quad Clip is sold separately in case you only need a bit of volume…or, need to bump up an existing extension set that your already have. Don’t worry if the color of the Quad Clip is not an exact match to your old set…simply wear it underneath for a color blend and no one will notice! They will think you have great new high or low lights in your hair!

L&B Clip-In Extensions are only made with real Remy 100% human hair. Our hair is European Texture and easy to wear straight and easy to curl. Curls will last a long time!

We also have a lot of blended colors and color mixes for that perfect match! Check here and scroll down to see if we have just your color. Remember, even if only one color in the blend matches your hair, it will work!

L&B offers an Express Overnight shipping option too! Locks & Bonds also ships world-wide with fast FedEx shipping!

Who is giving their heart to someone this spring? Or, going to that special Prom? Send us your photos!