5 Tips To Help You Find The Best Clip-In Hair Extensions!

Clip-in Hair Extensions are super popular for a reason… They instantly turn you from great to GLAM! There is NO OTHER accessory that will create such a change in your style as hair extensions! They are easy to install yourself, and can be removed just as easily! But, how do you know which clip-ins are good and right for you? There are so many vendors selling clip-ins now, so make sure you know what to look for! 1.) Make sure you know how many grams are in the clip-in set. Hair is measured in grams because ounces are just not a small enough measurement increment. If the amount of grams per clip-in set is not in the description of the product you want to buy, then send the seller an email and ask so that you know how much hair you are getting. It is not enough just knowing how many pieces are in a set; because while a set may have 7-10 pieces, they may be light-weight and not have a lot of hair on them. Also many sets have a lot of 1″ or 1 clip strips that are pretty useless because they slip out very easily. Make sure you get pieces that are usable and secure with at least 2 clips on each. Many sets are only 100 grams which is not enough for a full head if you want to add length. How many grams you need for a full head depends on the length you want and how thick and long your own hair is. Rule of thumb: The longer you want your hair to be…and the shorter and thicker your hair is…the more grams you will need. 2.) How many grams do I need for clip-in hair? If you are eyeballing those 24″ long extensions and your hair is only shoulder length…remember you will need a lot more grams for a full head than if you choose 20″ long extensions. And more grams means more expensive. If you do want to go with a mermaid length, you will need at least 220-250 grams. For 20″ length you will only need about 150-180 grams. And for 16″ long extensions you may need only 100-130 grams. 3.) What length clip-in hair extensions should I get? The longer you want the hair to be, the heavier they will be to wear. So if you are just starting out, make sure you do not go too long for your first set otherwise it may get to be just too much for you and you will not like wearing them. Often if you go for hair that is too long too fast, your neck muscles will protest and you will feel the weight on your scalp. Once you get used to them, then graduate to more length slowly. When choosing L&B Custom Clip-Ins, you can not only choose what colors you want, but you can also choose the length. We offer from 12″ to 36″ length! General length guidelines for the bottom row of clip-ins are (depending on how tall you are): 16″ length = back:  to the bra line (approx.) front:  slightly above “the girls” (approx.) 20″ length = back:  just below the bra line (approx.) front:  just below “the girls” (approx.) 24″ length = back: to the back pocket of your jeans (approx.) front: to the waistband of your jeans (approx.) 4.) Does the hair have to be Remy hair? YES. Don’t even bother with anything less. Remy means the cuticles are all intact and facing in the same direction. Non-Remy hair is acid treated so the outer cuticles are removed and silicone treated so that it appears smooth until the first wash. The hair may be cheap, but it will not last. After the first wash, you will have a nest of tangles that can not be combed out. Although, beware…many call their hair remy, but it is actually only maybe 40-60% cuticle intact with the outer layers stripped. This is usually the case with the very popular brands that call their hair remy (these are the brands that can be found all over youtube in video reviews…yes you know the ones!)  Usually the prices for these brands are ok…around 130$ for 150 grams or so with free shipping worldwide. But you can be sure that the shipping costs are tucked into the price of the hair, so the hair is actually less in quality than the price suggests. But, nonetheless, it is relatively cheap and you can get lucky and get an ok batch… this hair can be ok for occasional wear;  but if you use yours a lot, they may not hold up very long. Unfortunately there is no way of knowing how much percent is actually cuticle intact when a company calls the hair remy. At this point you have to go with your gut feeling and hope for the best. Reviews on youtube can help. But you have to know that very many of them are sponsored, which means they are getting free extensions from the company, a percent of sales if you click on the link they provide, or, sometimes a few dollars refund in lieu of a review. 6.) Are there differences in the clips themselves? Do some clips hold better than others? Definitely! Make sure you get snap-clips (also called toupee clips) that have a silicone lining on the cross-bar. Also clips that have u-shaped tines, rather than straight tines like a fork, hold much better. clipsArmed with this info, you are all set to go.and shop for your best set of clip-ins ever! Check our our custom, made-to-order clip-in extensions here Choose any color and any length down to 36 inches!