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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How many extensions will I need?
  2. I am not sure what hair extension color I should choose.
  3. How many different types of Micro Rings / Links are there?
  4. Do Micro Ring Links slip?
  5. Can wearing extensions with Micro Ring Links damage my own hair?
  6. What kind of hair brush should I use with the extensions?
  7. Can I use a Blow Dryer, heated curlers, straightening or curling iron? Or, can I just "Wash and Go"?
  8. There are so many extensions being offered on the Internet. How do I know which ones to buy?
  9. Can I take the extensions to my stylist and have them installed?
  10. Can I do the micro ring method myself or with a friend?
  11. How long can I keep the micro rings and extensions in?
  12. Can I go swimming with extensions?
  13. How about styling time?
  14. Can Locks & Bonds hair extensions be re-used?
  15. What is the difference between Screw Micro Rings, Silicone Micro Rings and Micro Tubes?

How many extensions will I need?

The following are general guidelines. Each client will have different needs. With time, you will find what is right for you.

How many you may need depends on 3 things:

1.) Do you want more length

2.) Do you simply want more volume added to your own hair?

3.) How thick (weight) are the extensions you are buying? And how thick is your own hair?

If you want more length:

You can choose to have more length with lots of volume or more length with a sleeker look (less volume).

If your hair is already past shoulder-length or longer:

For I-Tips Micro Ring/Beads Method 18" length you may need 100 strands Locks and Bonds Extensions for a sleeker look (2 packs = 80 grams), or, 150 extensions for length with more volume (3 packs= 120 grams) and for extra volume 200 strands (4 packs 160 grams). The ends of true Remy hair are always tapered for a more natural look. If you want max. length with thicker, less tapered ends, you may opt to cut the extensions 2 to 3 inches on the bottom.
For 22" length, you may need 150 (3 packs=120 grams) to 200 strands (4 packs=160grams) and extra volume 250 strands (5 packs=200 grams).

For Tape Hair in 18" length you may need 2-3 packs (80-120 grams) for a sleaker look, and 3-5 packs (120-200 grams)
for 22" length you may need 4-6 packs (160-240 grams)


If your hair is thick in texture, you will also need more than if your own hair texture is thinner... consider buying an extra pack  just in case.

If your hair is short, above shoulder or shorter, you will need more extensions.

If you have a short or a blunt cut hair style (like a bob), you may want to have layers cut into your hair either before or after installation, so that you do not have a "ledge" were your own hair ends and the extensions begin.

If you want to add more volume to your existing length:

For adding more volume to your existing length, you may only need 1 to 2 packs of I-Tips or Tape Extensions (40-80 grams). You can easily then have them cut to your existing length and they will blend right in!

Weight and texture of Locks and Bonds Extensions:

L&B 22” European Straight Remy I-Tip Extensions are 0.8 grams of hair per extension or 40 grams per pack of 40. Many extensions for sale are only .5 grams. Always check the net weight of the hair your are ordering and not how many extensions you are getting. Often 200 "light weight" extensions may be less in weight than 150 of our extensions.

Virgin Remy I-Tips are 1 gram strands and 40 strands per pack.

L&B 22" Seamless Tape Extensions are also 40 grams per pack.  10 x 2" tape pieces or if used as 1" tape strips then 20 pieces.

L&B Full Head Clip-Ins are 180 grams for the 9-Piece Set + Quad-Clip

L&B hair is a of European texture. European hair is fine and silky.

It is thinner than asian hair, and curls easily. If you have very thick hair, you may need extra extensions. If your hair is very curly or wire-y, you will have to adjust your hair or the extensions by styling them so that they match. 


Please remember, the above are general guidelines. It is a highly individual preference as to how many extensions you may need. With time, you will be able to judge just how many extensions you will need for a certain look. Wearing extensions is like anything else, you will learn more and more over time! Caution: Once you start wearing extensions, it is highly addictive! You will not want to be without them anymore!

I am not sure what hair extension color I should choose.

Read the tips below...then if you are still not sure which colors you need, then you can order a Color Ring for $25.00 which has all Locks & Bonds colors. This is a great tool if you are a salon or do extensions for clients.


  • Extension colors do not need to match your hair color 100%! Our Multi-faceted tinting system makes our hair extension colors look like nature intended hair color to be...lots of different hues producing the desired color.
  • Because we add so many different colored hairs to our extension colors, they blend very well with all other Locks and Bonds hair colors and your own hair.
  • You may also choose different colors for a highlighted natural look. Each package of Locks & Bonds Extensions has 40 strands. If purchasing 160 strands, you may choose up to 4 different colors if you like.
  • Choose the color that is closest in hue and tint to your own color. You may also choose hair that is slightly darker for a great look.
  • If you look at your hair, we all have many different colors of hair. For example, your hair underneath is usually darker than the hair on top.
  • Often, choosing hair that is slightly darker to add underneath, will create the perception of having fuller and thicker hair. This also looks very natural. You may also even choose a hair color significantly darker than your own color for beautiful contrast that really pops!
  • For example, a darker color for underneath, lowlights. A medium color for the middle rows. And a lighter color for the middle to top rows as highlights. This three dimentional look will optically add more volume.
  • You can also color your hair to match the extensions. Or, tint the extensions to match your hair. We recommend using only a demi-tint in a similar or darker shade than the extensions. We do not recommend lightening or bleaching the extensions yourself. Nor, coloring the light blonde colors. Coloring blond hair is always tricky, even for professionals. Please understand, that we can not guarantee the outcome of coloring or tinting, extensions take on color very fast, and suggest you always use a test strand before coloring all the extensions.

Please also read more tips on the Color Chart Page here  on how to choose a color.

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How many different types of Micro Rings are there? (sometimes also called Micro Links or Micro Beads)-

There are basically 5 different types of Micro Rings or Links.

Often different names for them are used by different stylist, so if you run across a different name, don’t worry because they will be one of the below rings.

Different names for Micro Rings are: Micro Beads, Micro Locs, Micro Cylinders, Micro Tubes, HairLocs, Linkies, cold fusion, non-glue methode...and many other names.

IMPORTANT TIP: Many sellers sell inferior rings. These inferior rings will have rough, jagged or sharp metal edges, and are produced in bad machine shops for quick profit. 

Locks & Bonds only sells professional quality rings! Smooth edges and with quality metals.

L&B rings are all made out of hypo-allergic aluminum or copper, colored to match the hair extensions in Blond, Light Brown, Med. Brown, Dark Brown and Black.

For attachment you simply put the ring on your own hair strand with the threading tool, thread the extension into the ring from the bottom and clamp it shut with the clamping tool.

  1. Regular Micro Rings - small aluminum rings with a smooth interior. These are the least expensive rings. They do tend to slip more than the other type of rings because of the smooth interior, and may need to be moved up to scalp again during an install. We do not sell them and do not recommend them.

  2. Screw Micro Rings -

    Have a screw-thread, or grooves on the inside wall to better grip the hair and to keep them from slipping too much. They work work very well if you hair is very smooth or slippery. Also of you tend to have oily hair, even if you often wash it, they may be your best bet as silicone rings may slip more in hair that tends to oil production.  Also, they are the smallest of all the rings.

  3. Silicone Copper Micro Rings -

    Have a silicone lining on the inside wall to cushion hair if you have fragil and damaged, overprocessed hair . They do work well, but are a bit bigger in size than screw rings, because of the silicone lining. We only sell silicone rings made of copper because they will close smaller and are more comfortable than silicone aluminum rings sold in most all other stores.

  4. Copper Micro Tubes 

    Are longer than Micro Rings at 6mm instead of 2mm to 2.5mm in length, but the metal is thinner and lighter. Because of the added length, they grip very well and do not slip too much. They  lay a flatter, than Micro Rings, because copper clamps flatter than aluminum. They also have a little “lip” on the bottom which makes it easier to thread the extensions into the cylinder. You also do not need as much strength to close them and open them. Copper Micro Tubes are also used when a client has very slippery hair...the micro tubes can be "folded" in half lengthwise and double crimped to hold even better. However, when folding micro tubes, you will need pliers with a crimping notch and a removing tool with long "fangs" to reopen the folded tubes. (We do not stock  fanged removing tools or pliers with a crimping notch).

    Most professionals use copper micro tubes.

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Do Micro Ring Links slip?

Usually not. However, some slippage of a few millimeters over the weeks may be occur, especially if your own hair is very fine and smooth.

If you find excessive slippage, or are loosing strands, make sure you are not using a conditioner or a spray-on detangler directly on the Micro Ring Links or on the bonds of your extensions as this may make the hair too slippery. Also, do not brush or comb the extensions while the bond in the Micro Rings are still wet, i.e. after washing. Wet hair tends to stretch more than dry hair and this stretching can cause the hair diameter to be pulled thinner, causing slight slippage. Two of the most common mistakes when installing micro ring extensions are that the rings are not closed tightly enough during installation... and, or, there is not enough clients hair in the ring. The ratio should always be 1 to 1 (just as much client hair as extension hair in one ring) The Micro Ring Links method is still the best method, causing the least hair damage, and is the easiest to use of all attachment methods.

Each client will find the ring or tube that best suits the texture of their hair for minimal slippage. Everyone has their own favorite.

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Can wearing extensions with Micro Ring Links damage my own hair?

We have never had actual breakage of healthy hair while wearing Micro Rings. This system has been used now for over 10 years.

 An average person looses more than 100 hairs a day naturally. These are dead hairs that fall out of the scalp with the follicle. Normally, they are collected in your hairbrush or just fall onto clothes, or are washed out when washing hair (this is why drains clog so easily). When you have on micro rings, the dead hairs will not be brushed out or fall out because they are attached through the micro rings. This may look like broken off hair. But is normal with every hair extensions method.

 Also, after the extensions are removed after a few months or weeks, you will see a lot of loose hairs the first time you brush out your own hair. Do not be alarmed. This is also normal and happens with every type of extensions. These are simply the 100 hairs per day that you would have lost anyway. Only you are seeing them all at once now. For example, if you had your extensions in for 12 weeks, that could be several thousand hairs set free at one time

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What kind of hair brush should I use with the extensions?

Always use the right kind of brush - no metal bristle brushes and no combs around the Micro Rings or Bonds...use a soft bristle brush that surrounds a few harder plastic bristles (hair extension brush), and do not brush your scalp area...it does not need it.

Hold the scalp area where the micro rings are with your free hand pressing down on the micro rings to hold them against your scalp and gently brush the length of the extensions. Do not force tangles out, but work gently to unknot them.

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Can I, or should I, use a Blow Dryer, heated curlers, straightening or curling iron? Or, can I just "wash and go"?

Yes, you must style extensions after washing and conditioning...you can not just "wash and go". Raw hair must go through a process of de-coloring and re-coloring before it is made into the extension in order to conform to homoginous colors so that the customer will always get the same color. (See more info about this in question 14). Because of this process, all extensions will not look optimal if just let air dry. You will need to add a styling method after the hair is dried, like a straightening or curling iron or a blow-out with a natural bristle brush, in order to smooth the cuticles, soften the hair and produce the shine again. Once you have done this, it will usually last a few days until your next wash.

Just remember that long hair is very fragile, whether your own or extensions. Never use too much heat as it may, over time, damage your hair and extensions. Always use the lowest possible settings.

Blow Dryer:

Yes, just do not hold your blow dryer right onto the micro rings for long periods, which may make them too hot and melt the bonds. You may blow dry the extensions the same way as you dry your own hair. For example with big round natural boar bristle brushes for lots of volume.

Be sure to always point the hot hair downwards along the hair shaft. Never blow the hot air upwards against the cuticle of the hair.

Straightening and Curling Irons:

Yes, use lowest setting possible for results that you like. Use spray-on heat protecting products. You will get beautiful, model-like hair styles with large curling irons. Simply spiral the hair onto a large barrel curling iron, hold a few seconds. Do not brush out the large spiral curls, simply style with your fingers and use holding spray. Straightening irons make hair extensions wonderfully sleek and straight. Again, use only lowest settings. Gently go down the shaft of the hair with the iron (take small sections of hair not more than 2" wide and 1" deep) and flip at the ends if you like.

Electric Curlers:

Yes. They make wonderful volume. Simply use large curlers and roll hair and extensions to scalp. Leave them in until they are completly cold and remove. Shake hair with head down, flip head up and style with your fingers, and holding spray for super volume style.

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There are so many extensions being offered on the Internet. How do I know which ones to buy?

Make sure that you are buying REAL 100% REMY (Remy or Remi means that the cuticle is intact) Human Hair. Real Remy hair will not be cheap.

If you see offers for very inexpensive extensions, please know that these will not be REAL cuticle intact hair, regardless of what the seller is trying to tell you. This hair will be either stripped of the cuticle with acid baths (which results in bad matting and tangling),or, have a certain percent of animal or synthetic hair added. This hair may hold up and look nice for only for a week or so.

 Real Remy hair is bought and sold similar to worldwide commodity prices and fluctuates up and down according to supply and demand on the world's market. This means the world's largest raw hair dealers all sell A+ quality hair at a similar price...just like gold or oil is bought or sold at market prices.

 Good "cheap" hair does not exist. Buying cheap hair never makes a customer happy in the long run. The only time it may be OK to buy and install is if you plan on only using it for about a week’s time, for example: a wedding.

But then again, why not spend a bit more and keep those gorgeous long locks in a long time if you are already going through the time and effort to install them?

 Buying cheap hair is truly a waste of money. One will end up spending more money in the long run, because in the end, the customer will end up buying better quality anyway.

On the other hand...unless you have the money to spare, you do not need to spend $1000 to $2000 for extensions. We sell our hair mostly to professional hair extensionist. But we are offering our overstock as retail for you to take advantage of at great prices!

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Can I take the extensions to my stylist and have them installed?

Yes! Many buy their own extensions on-line at much better prices than at salon prices and have their stylist install them, cut and style them and do maintanance every 4 weeks. And still saves tons of money!

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Can I do the micro ring method myself or with a friend?

While doing your own extensions by yourself, with the help of a friend , or at hair extension parties (where you do each other’s hair)… is becoming really popular … We do recommend having some experience in hair styling or with single strand hair extensions, or, plan on learning by taking a class or seminar. There are many videos on youtube that show the process as well.

While the micro ring technique itself is very easy to master, the extensions usually need to be trimmed, blended with your hair and styled, after being installed. Keep in mind, when buying extensions, you will be getting long hair that needs to be strategically installed, blended and styled with your own. To do this may take a bit of practice and tweaking.

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How long can I keep the micro rings and extensions in?

On average, 3 months of constant wearing. There is no system that should be worn for more than 3 months. Again, it is highly individual according to your preference and how fast your own hair grows. If you hair grows fast, you may need to adjust the micro rings up after 4 to 6 weeks.

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Can I go swimming with extensions?

Chlorine, salt water and sweat are not good for extensions. If you go swimming, we recommend wetting the hair with tap water, adding a thick layer of conditioner and putting the hair in a top bun. After swimming make sure you wash the chlorine or salt water from you extensions and condition them again.

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Will hair extensions feel like my natural hair?

100% human hair extensions are a natural product, but they once installed they will not feel quite 100% like your own natural hair does. They will feel similar, but the texture may be a bit different as everyone has a unique hair texture. Through styling, you will learn how to make the hair look and feel more like your hair. You will love the versatility of having so much hair!

Please do not believe sellers saying their extensions will feel EXACTLY like your own hair!  

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How about styling time?

 Hair Extensions are more time consuming than your own hair. For example, you will need more styling time in the morning. Some need more…some not so much more. On average perhaps 20 min. more.

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Can Locks & Bond hair extensions be re-used?

Yes, you can re-use our I-Tip extensions and the seamless tape extensions; however, keep in mind, you will have to re-bond or re-tape them. Easy to do!

It is helpful to know that even best quality remy hair has a limited life span...although much longer than non-remy. The reason for this is that all remy extensions are initially striped of their original color in order to dye them into homoginous colors according to the color ring. So that each time that color is ordered, it will always be, within half a shade, true to that color. Because of the color striping and re-coloring, even remy hair must be treated with TLC, best products, and will have to be replaced now and then...depending on your care, products used, and the ph of the water used to wash them. Alkaline water will shorten the life of extensions considerably.


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What is the difference between Screw Micro Rings, Silicone Micro Rings and Micro Tubes?

Everyone has their own favorite....

Screw Micro Rings:

  • Screw threading in inside to keep them from slipping
  • Smaller than silicone micro rings and tubes

Silicone Micro Rings:

  • Silicone lining on inside of ring to protect fragil or over-processed and damaged hair. Silicone is very gentle on your own hair as it acts like a cushion between your own hair and ring
  • Good for hair prone to breakage

Copper Micro Tubes:

  • Copper is softer, easier to clamp shut
  • Clamps flatter than all other rings
  • Softer metal is more comfortable if you have a sensitive scalp
  • Longer length keeps them from slipping
  • Can be crimped for even more hold. (crimping means folding the tube in half lengthwise for double hold, also called making "books" To 'crimp" tubes, you need a plier with a notch and a removal tool with long "fangs" to open the books again. They can not be re-opened with pliers.)

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