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L&B Color Chart

17 Single Colors - 6 Highlighted Blends -  5 TriColor Ombré Blends

Make for endless combinations possible when mixing packs of different colors!

Each pack of L&B hair extensions has approx. 40 grams of hair, which makes mixing colors a breeze!
You are never left with too much of one color like with larger packs.

At Locks & Bonds, we use our own exclusive, multi-faceted, complex coloring system for our hair extensions...

... which makes our unique colors stunningly beautiful!



We take ENORMOUS care in photographing our hair colors. Photographing hair color is not easy as hair will reflect whatever light is available, like a mirror. For our color ring photo, we laid all colors in one row, side-by-side, so you can compare the colors against each other in the same light.

This photo was taken with north-facing daylight for the truest color reproduction.
Only natural light and no flash has been used for this photo.

When these colors are seen in sunlight or outdoors, they may appear lighter than in this photo. Also, the ends of the hair may sometimes appear very slightly lighter as this can be a natural feature of hair.

IMPORTANT: All colors can vary from monitor to monitor, depending on the color settings of the monitor.

The L&B Color Ring has all colors and can help you choose your best colors.
For more info about the L&B Color Ring go here.

Each color is a combination of many colors, or facets, for the look of naturally healthy glossy hair. We do not use the standardized color process of only using one tint for our hair. The one tint color process always looks fake; like a"helmet" or a "curtain".

Our hair is like nature intended hair color to be...lots of hairs of different colors producing the desired color! Especially in sunlight, you will see the multitude of colors that are combined to make our gorgeously natural, one of a kind, hair extension colors!

Be assured, L&B hair colors are natural. They are glossy, but not overly shiny like many other hair extensions tend to be. No one likes overly shiney hair extensions because it makes them look fake and like plastic.

Because of our multi-faceted coloring system, all colors blend exceptionally well with one another. Whether you wish to use just one color for your hair extension, or several, you can be sure that all colors will blend and match with any other color in our color ring and... with your own hair color!

Our I-Tip hair for micro-ring installation is packaged with 40 strands per pack. So you may order different colors in increments of 40. For example, you may want 40 strands of #60 lightest ash blond as highlights, then 80 strands of #613 as a base color, and 40 strands of #16 or #27 as lowlights for underneath.

To see how Two or Three-Tone Coloring works, click
here and scroll to the bottom of that page.

Our Tape Extensions are packs have 40 grams of hair for the 22" length, which is 10 extra-long 2 inch strips (most brands are only 1.5 inches), so blending colors is also very easy. Sandwich 2 colors together for you personal custom color! Or, choose one of our beautiful mixed color blends below.

Mixed and Blended Colors /  Ombre                                               

Mixed colors are a blend of several colors from our single colors above. This makes matching hair colors easy! Even if only one color in the mix is similar to your color, the blend will look very natural.
These are available in Tape Extensions and Clip-In Extensions.
The Tape Extension mixed colors are a bit more striped and defined. Each stripe is about 1cm wide for an elegant streaked effect when installed.

Ratio of colors in mixed blends:
If the mix has 2 different colors, the blend is 1/2 (50/50%) of each color
If the mix has 3 different colors, the blend is 1/3 (33/33/33%) each color


Light Blonde + Honey Blonde 









Light Blondes + Caramel Dark Blonde









Medium Sandy Blonde + Dark Caramel Blonde


Light Blondes + Light Ash Brown Lowlights with 1-1.5" of dark roots
#60/613/10ROOT (dark roots make the bonds less detectable!)








Medium Sandy Blonde +  Dark Blonde  + Light Brown
with 1"-1.5" of dark roots
#24/16/10ROOT (dark roots make the bonds less detectable!)









Caramel Dark Blonde + Light Brown + Medium Dark Brown with 1"-1.5" dark roots
#16/10/4ROOT (dark roots make the bonds less detactable!)













Ombre 3 Color Fade-Out From Dark Brown to Medium Bronzed Brown to Light Golden Brown















Ombre 3 Color Fade-Out from Neutral Brown to Sandy Blonde to Lightest Blonde

7-16-24 Ombre Tape Extensions

#7/16/24 Neutral medium brown to caramel dark blonde to sandy blonde

















#1b/2/4 Ombre Darkest brown to dark brown to warm medium dark brown.
This ombre is very subtle and natural looking! Like sun-bleached dark hair.



Fantasy Colors (I-tips only):


How to choose your color, or colors...

The best tool for choosing your color/colors is with the L&B Color Ring! All single colors are on the ring. To see the blended colors, simply blend the 2 or 3 swatches on the ring together to see the blend colors.
For more info on the L&B Color Ring go here.

Take a good look at you hair in the daylight. Usually we all have slightly different colors on top and underneath. See examples of Two or Three-Tone Coloring here and scroll to the bottom of that page.

As a guide, look at the color of the bottom inches (ca. last 5-10cm) of the top layers of your hair. This is the color you should choose for your extensions. This is usually lighter than the hair at the roots, and will be a better match because this hair will lay on top of the extensions.


If your hair is shoulder length or longer, your hair will blend with the extensions, making a better match than you think! Just holding the extensions up to your hair will not show you how good of a match a color may be. You must install them to see the difference. Because your own hair will be added to the mix, and a better match will ensue.

Often, only a few highlights on the top layer of your own hair to match the extensions make the extensions blend into your own color amazingly well! For Example: If the extensions seem a bit different, simply make a few highlight streaks (8 to 10) in your own top hair layer with a hair color similar to the extensions (always do a strand test first).

What if the blonde color you choose is too warm in tone? Simply shampoo with a "silver shampoo" and the warm extension color will become more ash in tone. TIP: mix the silver shampoo with water before applying to extensions and do not leave on more than a few seconds or minutes...do a test strand first.

Highlights or Streaks with I-Tips

For the look of highlights or streaks,  choose 2 or more colors and install alternating colors as in example below with #22 and #8


 *** Colors may vary slightly from "batch" to "batch". All hair extensions companies strive to keep the hair colors the same during  production. But sometimes there may be slight differences from order to order, since hair is a natural product and may not always be exactly the same.
Different monitors may also show the colors differently.